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Category Real Estate
Created 2017-08-01
Owner Clough
Title Historic Paint Analysis of Houses and Other Structures in the United States
Description Historic paint analysis available for houses, commercial buildings, monuments, bridges and other structures.

I have been doing paint analysis since the fall of 2016 with David Arbogast in Davenport, IA. He has been in the business of performing paint and mortar analysis in cases of historic preservation for over forty years and is highly renowned in the United States as an architectural conservator. His knowledge concerning historic preservation is second to none and it is a pleasure and honor to be working with him!

Please contact for more information.

Craig W. Clough, Rock Island, IL (309) 786-8617, clough7@gmail.com
If the answering machine is full, please send an email.

More information about David Arbogast and pricing can be found on the following site: http://www.paintanalysis.biz/

Thank you!

Historic Renovation of Homes
Architectural Paint Analysis of Buildings
Historic Restoration of Homes
Historic Preservation of Homes
Scientific Paint Analysis of Homes
Architectural Paint Analysis of Homes
Historic Renovation of Houses
Historic Restoration of Houses
Historic Preservation of Houses
Historic Renovation of Churches
Historic Restoration of Churches
Historic Preservation of Churches
Architectural Paint Analysis of Churches
Scientific Paint Analysis of Churches
Historic Renovation of Schools
Historic Restoration of Schools
Historic Preservation of Schools
Scientific Paint Analysis of Schools
Architectural Paint Analysis of Schools
Architectural Paint Analysis of Buildings
Historic Renovation of Commercial Buildings
Historic Restoration of Commercial Buildings
Historic Preservation of Commercial Buildings
Scientific Paint Analysis of Buildings
Historic Renovation of Monuments
Historic Restoration of Monuments
Historic Preservation of Monuments
Architectural Paint Analysis of Monuments
Scientific Paint Analysis of Monuments
Writing Reports on Historic Buildings
Writing Reports on Historic Structures
Historic Building Report
Historic Structure Report

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Address Locust Street
City Davenport
State Iowa
Country United States
Site https://www.linkedin.com/in/craigclough/
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