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Category Business
Created 2017-07-14
Owner angelajos009998
Title Simplify the Process of Insurance Claim Calculation by Hiring a Public Adjuster
Description Are you suffering from property damage like kitchen leaks, roof leaks, ac leaks, Broken pipe, Sewer backup, fire damage and thinking to get insurance claim against the damage, if you are insured? Calculating the whole claim by yourself, or letting your insurance handle it will not allow best results and you will lack the desired output of claim. Hiring a public adjuster can be suitable option for you because we work for you.

A public adjuster advocates for you the policyholder and negotiates the insurance claim with insurance company. Public adjusters are fully licensed by the state department of insurance to represent the rights of insured person.

We identify the loss and evaluate it including all repairs needed and extra expenses not known to the common homeowner until it’s time to pay for it, we bill for that ahead of time. We charge a percentage of settlement only if we get you money.

Based off your policy we can determine the coverage and negotiate with claim handler of insurance company. Public Adjusters are representative of policyholder we advise, manage and submit claims to the insurance company.

Hiring a public adjuster will allow lot of benefits rather than doing it yourself. A Public adjuster will help to gain maximum payout for the claim and will access the complete damage. We have the technical knowledge and are skilled to assess the loss correctly. For more information, please contact on 786-257-9023 or write a mail on atlanticpropertygarcia@gmail.com.
Address New York New York
City New York
State New York
Country United States
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